We completed a 7-figure exit in 90 days and want to help you do the same!

How fast can you find a sweet offer in today’s market?

Our Process:

  • Outreached to 30 companies.
  • Connected with 20 of them.
  • Received offers from 6.
  • Closed with 1.

Over $3B has been raised in 2020 alone by aggregators.

If you’ve been paying attention to the real estate market, you’d know that it’s a HOT time for sellers to get top dollar for their homes. The same thing is happening right now with Amazon Brands.  Over $3B has been raised in 2020 alone by aggregators, so why wait to sell? There has never been a better time.

How do Amazon Aggregators structure acquisitions?

Cash upfront based on TTM (trailing twelve months) of SDE times the current market multiple of 3-4. 

+ your inventory value at close

+ your A/R balance (balance amount in selling account) at close

On top of that, there is a variable earn out that is paid out on the 1st or 2nd  anniversary of the sale at a standard rate of ½ the incremental SDE over your TTM SDE at close.

Let’s walk through a simple variable earn out example:

If you had $500k in TTM SDE and after one year your buyer grew it 50% to $750k, you would get 50% of $250k ($125k). Most Aggregators will claim that the average growth is 100-200% however, the majority of these businesses haven’t been around for more than a year.

In the process of selling our brand, we built great relationships and made lifelong BrandedSeller.com customers. Our passion is seeing you succeed. If selling your business is a goal, then we will introduce you to buyers who can give you a free valuation and may lead to an offer.

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