Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos Benefits

Why you need to start using Sponsored Brand Videos

By now you’ve likely heard of Amazon’s powerful new tool available to Brand Registered Sellers, known as Sponsored Brands Video (SBV). If you’re not sold on it, we’re going to give you 4 reasons why you need to start using SBV immediately.

Our top 4 reasons why

1. Increase Product Click-through Rate (CTR).

Quite possibly the most important reason to start using SBV is to benefit from the improvement in CTR that so many have seen. Sellers using SBV have reported CTRs of 1% compared to .4% using Sponsored Products. Thanks in part to the large space SBV occupies on search result pages and human desire to watch a video rather than read text, you can rest assured that people will stop and click on your product listing more often.

2. Decrease Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

You’ll find that ACoS for SBV ads are cheaper than most other advertising avenues and trend 15-45% lower than ACoS for Sponsored Product Ads. Some Amazon sellers have seen 60% lower cost-per-click (CPC) for certain keywords vs that same keyword for Sponsored Product ads.

3. Be the first to SBV ads amongst your competition.

Early mover benefits are still very much at play for SBV ads. Now is the time to enjoy lower cpc while competition for ad space is still relatively low. The best thing you can do to take advantage is to launch SBV ads as soon as possible!

4. New-to-brand powerhouse

Capture new customers who don’t yet have a preferred brand.

Shoppers who don’t already know what they want are more likely to scroll down product search result pages where they may come across your video ad, which takes up some serious real estate. Having an eye-catching video ad will increase the likelihood of that first time buyer picking your product and becoming a loyal customer.