Amazon Sponsored Videos Best Practices

Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Best Practices:

What Works and What Doesn’t

Four key steps to success on Amazon when you use Sponsored Brand Videos. Overall, the key is to follow Amazon’s guidelines to get approved and then follow these Amazon Sponsored Videos Best Practices.

Do These Things:

Follow Amazon’s guidelines to get approved. Now that we got that out of the way…

1. Start with your product on display

Sponsored Brands Video is great because it allows you to create an ad for a specific product. This means that when your video is being displayed; it is because they are looking for a product just like yours that meets their needs. Now keyword targeting is obviously very important, but we’ll talk more about that in a follow-up article.

2. Add text – I repeat, add text!

SBV ads autoplay with audio muted. So, unless you want to make people guess what it is, you are trying to sell them and why they should buy it, we suggest you make it easy and spell it out for them.

3. 20-30 seconds is all you need

Thanks to the unthinkable amount of content overwhelming all of us, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Therefore, it is critical to capture the attention of your future customer within the first few seconds or they’ll continue scrolling.

4. Think about how much you really want to spend

We already know that video ads are a much better way to capture someone’s attention than static content. But really, is a $1000-dollar SBV ad going to get you that many more clicks than a $100-dollar high quality (Amazon’s highest allowed resolution) 20-second video? We here at would argue that the extra $900 could be better spent elsewhere.

Don’t Do These Things

1. Overthink.

Sponsored Brands Videos are still considered new, which gives you the early mover advantage. So what’s more important? Taking time to come up with the perfect video that ends up costing way too much or beating your competitors to the space and getting your product showcased via an SBV ad right on the product search results page first?

2. Assume that people will turn on sound.

Would you enable sound if you were searching for products on Amazon while at the office?

3. Forget to follow Amazon’s guidelines.

Follow the rules and you’ll see increased CTR and decreased ACoS in no time.

How BrandedSeller Can Help

Our goal is to quickly equip you with cost-effective ($99), high-quality Amazon Sponsored Videos that perform just as good as the professional studio crafted videos that will run you upwards of $500 to $1000 dollars.